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Signing up to ViNA

The Victim Notification App (ViNA) is a new system for communicating with people who have been affected by crime.

It’s easy to sign up…

If you’re registered on the VNR and the defendant in your case was sentenced, you can receive your notifications securely online through ViNA.

pink email icon  To sign up please email us at:

Our friendly team will then send you a sign-up link and instructions to set up your account.

…and easy to use:

pink alert icon  Receive an alert

You’ll receive an alert via email or text (whichever you prefer) when a new notification has been uploaded to your ViNA account.

This alert wont contain any sensitive information.

pink lock icon  Securely log into ViNA

Your alert will contain a link to log into your account. You log in using your email address, password and additional verification method (If you set one up).

pink download icon  View your notification

Once you’ve logged in, you can securely view or download your notification.

Why sign up for ViNA?

People signed up to the Victim Notification Register (VNR) are usually informed about changes to an offender’s situation through notification letters in the post or over email.

ViNA is a secure website where you can create an account and control how you receive these communications.

By signing up for ViNA, you'll be able to:

  • receive new notifications faster,
  • personalise your settings (for example, making sure notifications don’t arrive on significant dates like birthdays or anniversaries),
  • automatically send alerts to support people so they can check in with you,
  • access your notifications, more information about them and the justice system, and links to support services in one place,
  • have your questions or requests sent to the right government contact every time, and
  • keep your information secure


You’ll need internet access to sign up for ViNA and to receive notifications through your account.

Signing up for ViNA is optional—it’s your choice. You can continue receiving your notifications via letter or email if you prefer.